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Gym supplements, useful tips on which ones to choose

Today we are talking about products to increase muscle mass: sports supplements

Are you a frequent gym-goer and would like to increase your load? Would you like to push yourself beyond your limits and want some advice on which sports supplements are best suited to your needs? Every athlete knows that achieving their goals, whether in terms of increasing muscle mass, endurance or overcoming fatigue, requires commitment, perseverance and dedication. Lots of training and proper recovery, coupled with a correct diet and adequate supplementation are the basis for being able to perform at your best. In this article, we will discuss supplements, gymnastics, tips and advice when choosing which nutrients to focus on.

What are sports supplements

Within the walls of the gym, athletes often undergo intense training, putting their bodies and minds to the test and consuming a lot of energy each time. The right hydration and supplementation at the right time can really make a difference under stress, significantly improving performance. Sports supplements are, therefore, a valuable ally to always carry with you. But what exactly are they?

As the word itself says, the supplement has the task of replenishing certain substances when they are lacking. Between one exercise and another, compensating for a nutrient deficiency becomes crucial, especially in contexts of intensive and repeated exertion. During physical activity, in fact, the body consumes a large amount of nutrients to produce energy and sports supplements are designed to replenish this deficiency, enabling better performance during exercise and much easier recovery in the post-workout phase.

To be truly effective, supplementation should be done before going to the gym to saturate glycogen reserves, during training when fatigue sets in, and after activity to aid energy and muscle recovery. A good sports supplement provides the right amount of essential nutrients for exercise in pure form, without adding anything else and without weighing down the athlete’s stomach.

Gym supplements, advice on which nutrients to focus on

Dietary supplementation is one of the fundamental pillars in achieving any goal for the sportsman who wants to get the most out of his training. This is why there are so many variations of supplements on the market that are useful for increasing muscle mass and results in the gym. Let’s try to understand which nutrients to focus on:

  • Creatine, an amino acid naturally present in the body, whose main biological role is to supply energy to the muscles in the form of ATP.  It improves the body’s hydration, eases the feeling of fatigue, increases muscle strength and improves the contractile capacity of muscles.
  • BCAA branched-chain amino acids, i.e. Leucine, Valine and Lysine, which play a decisive role in the correct process of protein synthesis by aiding the regeneration and growth processes of muscle tissue.
  • Proteins very crucial for muscle mass growth because they stimulate anabolic processes in the muscles. Milk protein, also known as “whey” protein, being rapidly absorbed, are a perfect supplement to take in the work-out phase.
  • Vitamins and minerals useful for improving the immune system and for muscle repair, development and growth.

Sprintade® alongside athletes

Born from long research processes and produced entirely in Italy, the products Sprintade® was created to support athletes during sporting activity and training in the gym, supporting the metabolic cycle with high ATP and Nitrate availability, guaranteeing greater energy supply over the long term.

CREAFos by Sprintade® is a powder supplement that is perfect for diluting in water,extremely useful for those seeking energy support and performance enhancement, especially muscle strength. Thanks to its high creatine and fructose 1,6-diphosphate content, it can be consumed regularly to boost muscle creatine and phosphate reserves.

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