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Talent League™: football and pure fun

Many eyes are on the Kings League, an event that has hosted many champions such as Piqué and Francesco Totti in a completely overhauled football arena. But Kings League is not the only tournament that wants to twist the rules of football for an injection of fun.
On Monday 24 June 2024, the Talent League™ in Alba Adriatica (TE) kicks off, an event of which Sprintade® is the proud promoter. This edition is the pilot of a project that will bring the fun of reinvented 7v7 football to all Italian cities, but above all within the reach of everyone (not only great champions and old glories). The tournaments include trophies and crunchy prizes (visit the event website to find out more) with unique regulations.

Tournament format

The tournament consists of 16 teams with rounds and a knockout phase. Matches last 50 minutes plus shootouts (if necessary) for a frequency of 3-4 matches per day.

Rules of Entry

Teams consist of 10 players plus a president. Of the 10 participants, a maximum of 3 can come from professional leagues such as the Eccellenza or Serie D.
What are the rules of the Sprintade® Talent League™?

General rules of the game

The game of football is still the same, but the dynamics have been electrified. Two teams of 7 players face each other on a regulation pitch under the leadership of their President. In addition to calling substitutions, the President will be able to play ‘cards’ that can completely change formations and strike a ‘presidential’ penalty to try to change the result. In the final rush, the goals will be worth double!

Coming onto the pitch

The goalkeepers line up in their own area and the ball is thrown into the centre. For each minute only one player can join the game for ball possession without the help of the goalkeeper until the total number of players is reached

Special cards

From minute 25:00 to minute 48:00, each chairman may use his own bonus card with the strategy he deems most appropriate for his team. Cards can expel defenders or attackers of the opposing team or generate other effects.
(To find out about the bonus cards, read the complete rules).

Match Conclusion

From minute 48:00 to minute 50:00, plus any added time, goals scored are worth double (x2).
If at the end of regular time the teams are tied, a shootout will take place.

Discover Sprintade ® Talent League™ and throw yourself into an experience of pure fun that you won’t forget. Follow us on our channels: Instagram and TikTok

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