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It’s your time to be OP

OP GAMERS’® is the Sprintade® brand intended for all video gamers, professional and otherwise. Designed by Gamers for Gamers. POWERGUM is Concentration, Improved reaction times: 7 components, far beyond any other “Energy” product you have come to know. And in the convenient chewing gum format: no more energy drinks spilling right on my workstation!

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Gaming at the Top of Performance

OP, are you ready to become a true video game champion? You know that to face the most epic challenges in League of Legends or defeat the toughest enemies in Overwatch, it takes more than just good skill. You have to be in top form for every match, even after a long day of studying or working! And that’s why we’re here for you.
We’ve created the perfect supplements for gamers like you – those who are always looking to win and push their limits. Our product range is designed to give you a competitive edge on your quest to victory.

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10 Energy Chewingums
Sprintade® POWER GUM is a food supplement, sugar-free and with a pleasant lemon and mint flavour, containing B vitamins, Vitamin C with caffeine and theanine (from green tea) with sweeteners useful in case of reduced dietary intake or increased nutritional requirements. Vitamin B and Vitamin C contribute to normal energy metabolism.
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Powder - 300g - 37 servings
Sprintade® XGamer is the In Game Focus Booster, the ultimate nootropic to help you through intense gaming sessions and when you need attention the most. Rise to the top!
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The concentration formula

Imagine having sniper-like concentration, ninja-like reaction times, and a mind so sharp that even your PC’s CPU envies! Our supplements are loaded with everything you need – from caffeine to give you the energy you need to choline, tryptophan and choline. But we don’t stop here. We know how important it is for a gamer to maintain a strong immune system. We’ve included essential micronutrients to help you fight oxidative stress and stay on track for more rounds of any match.
Our brain and vision support will give you the mental agility to always stay one step ahead of your opponents, while protecting your eyes from harrowing bright screens.
We are here to support your passion and ambition. With our supplements, every match is a chance to win, a new level of performance. Don’t wait, join us on the journey to the top of esports – because in this world, real gamers don’t play for second place!
Discover our products and start playing at the next level. Get ready to conquer the gaming world like a true OP!

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10 Energy Chewingums


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Powder - 300g - 37 servings
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