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Who we are

Trendful Development Italia inherits thirty years of experience in the pharmaceutical field.

Over the years, Trendful has become a supporter of research with many clinical studies that have led to the use of Fructose-1-6 Diphosphate (FdP) and Glutathione in the field of sports medicine.

Alongside Italian excellence in the challenge of the most sought-after markets, today Trendful is pleased to present its vision with a catalog of innovative food supplements with high added value, entirely conceived and made in Italy.

100% made in italy

The dream that gives life to the Sprintade® line is to make food technologies and tools, that were previously intended only for professionals, available to everyone

To achieve it, we proudly decided to produce entirely in Italy, investing in long research processes, such as the one that is giving life to Nitred®: the first compound based on red beetroot (organic and Italian) titrated in nitrates; or ATP BOOSTER, a concentrated formula containing edible FdP.

Always with you

The dynamism of sprintade™ is also in its special formats.

Sprintade™ allows you to assimilate active nutrients very quickly thanks to highly concentrated formulations and the choice of liquid and chewable format.
Above all, Sprintade™ has made integration available in every context, including extreme endurance sports such as marathons, triathlons and ironmans.
This allows you to provide specific nutrients when you need them most or in short intervals during a race.


responsibility & ecology

Responsible Packaging

Sprintade® develops its packaging in collaboration with responsible companies that use energy from renewable sources. Our packaging is made up of up to 70% recycled paper and supplied by companies that sign the “Timber Regulation”, in order to guarantee the legality of supply sources and the prevention of illegal cuts, or that have received FSC certification.
100% of our packaging is produced in Italy!

full package reuse

For material transfers, B2B purchases and filling materials, Sprintade® follows the philosophy of reuse. All the filling materials, the intact cartons, are in fact reused. Recycling is important and useful, but requires an enormous waste of energy. Reuse is a zero kilometer supply.

Shipments in envelope

To deliver trial purchases or very small products, Sprintade® has decided to use padded envelopes. The use of a shipping envelope represents a material saving of over 90% and is quantifiable in terms of CO2.

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