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The Loyalty Programme aims to involve all customers who already buy through our platform also (but not exclusively) through free gifts. The Loyalty Program is not to be considered a competition or a prize competition. The redemption of the free gifts in the “awards catalogue” does not involve a financial contribution from the users (except for the shipping of the same), nor participation in a competition or other random system of prizes. In fact, users are also involved through intangible rewards such as titles or badges visible on the ‘Account’ page.

Functioning of the program

All purchasers who register on the portal (i.e. who register an account on the site) and upon completion of certain actions (mainly purchasing, but also sharing), obtain points that can be spent within the ‘Awards Catalogue’ section of the site. All products and goods in the “Awards Catalogue” can be placed in the shopping cart like the rest of the products on sale on the site, but at zero cost, i.e. discounted by 100% of their value.


Earning points can enable one to achieve ranks or rank in one’s account. Belonging to a certain rank may enable discounts to certain services or products on the site, such as – but not necessarily or exclusively – the ‘Express Delivery’ programme of purchases and may mean invitations to events organised by Trendful Italia for the Sprintade® brand where these occur.

Availability of products

The products, goods or merchandising present in the ‘Awards catalogue’ may vary over time depending on stock availability since many of them are normally available in the shop section of the site (and therefore purchasable until stock runs out). In addition, many products are foodstuffs and therefore perishable and may be removed from the ‘Shop’ or ‘Awards Catalogue’ according to their expiry date. The expiry date of each product is described on the product page and may vary depending on availability.

The Awards Catalogue

The Awards Catalogue is a shop page dedicated to all products redeemable with points. The catalogue is the result of a selection of products from the shop and merchandising in our warehouse. Where Trendful Italia promotes events, for example sporting events, putting into production gifts or merchandising for participants, these gifts will find space in the “Awards Catalogue” where they are still available at the end of the event. In this way Trendful Italia tries to reward the community linked to the Sprintade® brand regardless of its location and the sport it plays.


The loyalty program of Sprintade®, the collection of points, the methods of purchase and shopping cart, are conveyed by software and hardware (web platforms, plug-ins, databases, servers etc.) also not owned by Trendful Italia, the malfunctioning of which (in the display of availability and expiration dates, in the redemption of points etc.) can not be considered in any way the responsibility of Trendful Italia.
Although at the writing of the present Program (April 2024) the turnover of products in the “Rewards Catalogue” has never been less than 6 months, Trendful Italia reserves the right to change the assortment of products, merchandising, discounts, badges/ranks, freely according to its own commercial strategies and availability. Likewise, the points collected by users, may vary with the commercial or marketing strategies of Trendful Italia or with the launch of a new Loyalty Program or with the disappearance of software and hardware that manage the operation of the latter. To date (April 2024) all users who have collected points on our portal have kept them indefinitely.

Processing of personal data

Participation in the loyalty programme requires registration to the portal, for all information, GDPR, management of personal data please refer to the dedicated page.

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