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Exercises to increase muscle mass: our tips

Training, diet and supplements for muscle mass

After sculpting your body in the gym now you want to start putting on mass? Would you like to be able to gain muscle mass properly and quickly? Obviously every physique is different and responds differently to stimuli, so it is essential to consult an experienced trainer and let him or her guide you through your workouts. We in this article will give you some small tips on exercises to increase muscle mass, diet to follow and sports supplements.

Having the right determination and perseverance to train hard and well, the patience to give the physique all the time it needs to recover and the discipline at the table by following a specific diet assisted by the right supplementation, the physique will adapt to the new muscle stimuli and the mass will begin to grow. At least 5-6 weeks are needed to see the first results.

How to increase muscle mass

To increase mass, it is important to achieve muscle exhaustion and mechanically stimulate strength. A workout, in fact, becomes really effective only if the number of stressed neuromotor units (i.e., the smallest functional entity of the muscle that is controlled by the nervous system) is very high. The development of “extreme” muscle mass is, therefore, given by prolonging the time of muscle tension during repetitions and decreasing the recovery time between sets.

Muscle hypertrophy is achieved by stressing different parts of the muscle, specifically the red fibers. A good exercise program to increase muscle mass must therefore be able to stimulate well the different parts of which it is made up, taking into consideration both the power and duration of the contraction.

The red fibers are mainly made up of:

  • myofibrils which are myosin-actin filaments and grow when subjected to intense training with heavy loads and low repetitions;
  • sarcoplasm which is the fluid between myofibrils that increases in volume when muscle fibers are subjected to longer-than-normal tension and decreased recovery time.

Exercises to increase muscle mass

Optimal training then will be directed to train red fibers using the “strength + durability” method with Heavy loads and few repetitions to train myofibrils and slow pace and short breaks to develop sarcoplasm.

Without wishing to go into the specifics of an exercise program to increase muscle mass, something that as we have already said must be entrusted to an experienced professional after careful evaluation, in order to achieve maximum benefits in terms of increasing muscle mass we recommend focusing on:

  • the rhythm of the workout, performing the repetitions in a slow manner (1 second the positive phase and 5-6 seconds the negative phase), for a series duration of about 60 seconds;
  • on the breaks between sets, which should be very short (30 to 60 seconds maximum) that promotes the secretion of growth hormone, which is essential for muscle growth.

Nutrition and supplementation

The fundamental elements for maximum muscle development are four:training, rest, nutrition and supplementation. If even one of these elements is not performed in the right way, the desired results will not be achieved:

  • Working out a lot and eating poorly will lead to an increase in body fat going to muscle. A healthy diet includes intake of 50-65% carbohydrates, 20-30% protein and 15-25% fat;
  • not allowing the body adequate time to recover and implement the various post-workout repair processes will not strengthen muscle fibers in anticipation of a new training session;
  • not help the body by taking in essential and often insufficient nutrients through diet alone such as creatine, will not allow muscle mass to increase.

Sprintade always on the athletes’ side

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