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Pre-race running supplements, to fill up on energy

Let’s find out what to eat and which supplements to take before running

The runner, whether a beginner, an intermediate level or a true expert, knows that running is a decidedly demanding sport both physically and mentally, which requires constant, intense and progressive training and that nutrition, hydration and integration are essential to maintain a high level of performance. In this article we will talk about pre-race running supplements and how important it is to saturate the body with energy before the run.

In running there are different types of running and therefore different types of effort. From the amateur’s run in the park after a day of work to release accumulated stress, to the intense sprints of the professional sprinter, through training to stress the muscles and get them used to fatigue, up to the mile-long feats of the marathon runner. Every training session (or race) hides its pitfalls and difficulties and even the most experienced runner knows that the moment will come when his energy supplies will run out and that he will have to replenish them to achieve his goals.

The importance of integration in running

Generally, during a 90-minute workout, carried out not at maximum intensity of effort, natural glycogen reserves are consumed, the basis for energizing the body during physical activity. As the duration and intensity of training increases, reserves end, muscles burn, energy disappears and tiredness sets in.

To maintain high performance you need to replenish energy and the right nutrients at the exact moment you need them most. Supplements they are a fundamental aidand every runner must know when and how to use them. Gel, liquid vials or chewable gums, the best supplements are those that allow you to assimilate the active nutrients very quickly thanks to highly concentrated formulations.

Pre-race running supplements

Taken before the race or training, some specific supplements are able to maximize resistance, guaranteeing long-lasting, high-level performance. Integrating the right supplements before the effort can really make the difference and allow us not to arrive exhausted and totally without strength at the halfway point. In order to release energy during the run, it is good to saturate the body with complex carbohydrates and not to forget about hydration.

Sprintade® pre-race running supplements guarantee all the energy the body needs:

  • ATP BOOSTER, a supplement in liquid form designed to provide immediate energy when needed, taken before or during a race, it promotes the metabolic processes that make the energy itself available to the muscles.
  • ENERGY GUM, for athletes who are particularly sensitive to the stomach before exertion, Sprintade® has created a new format of supplements, mint-flavoured chewable gums. It is sufficient to chew gum a few minutes before physical activity to have full energy and improve resistance thanks to Arginine and Coenzyme Q10.

Sprintade® products are born from the desire to guarantee all athletes food technologies that were previously only available to professionals. Innovative formats that are convenient to carry and high added value formulations guarantee the maximum speed of assimilation of nutrients when they are needed, before or during the race.

Nutrition before the race

In addition to supplementation, the right nutrition is essential to maximize performance, filling up with energy before running. In fact, before a race, what you eat can have a huge impact on your performance, both positive and negative. Burdening the stomach with foods that are difficult to digest such as foods rich in fiber and fat, or experimenting with a different diet than usual before running, are mistakes not to be made.

Better to limit yourself to eating foods that you know you can digest easily, perhaps a meal based on carbohydrates and proteins at least three hours before the activity or, preferably, a light snack rich in carbohydrates one hour before to saturate glycogen reserves.

Pre-run hydration, water or sports drinks should not be forgotten, the important thing is to guarantee the body the right hydration otherwise performance will suffer.

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