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Running supplements: when to take them

Gel, liquid, powder or gum supplements, let’s discover supplements for runners

In the world of running, performances are very diversified. From those who run with friends in the evening at an amateur level, to those who train daily at a competitive level, from the mileage feats of marathon runners, to the intense sprints of the sprinter, in any case the right hydration and supplementation at the right time can make the difference under stress . In this article we will talk about running supplements, when to take them and why.

Those who practice running rely on specific training, the right mental concentration, correct nutrition and good supplementation which guarantees the energy necessary for high level performance. Every runner, during the race or training, must understand when the right time is to rely on precious allies, such as gels and vials, capable of replenishing the energy lost during physical activity.

Running supplements

Supplements for runners are very useful because they keep the body in energy balance, replenishing the lack caused by consumption during intense and long-lasting training, allowing better performance during running or easier recovery After. Their task is not necessarily to improve performance, for that requires sacrifice, passion and a lot of physical training, but to assist it and allow it not to decline.

The best supplements are those that help to always maintain a reserve of glycogen, the basis for giving energy to the body during physical activity, especially in workouts that exceed 90 minutes in which, usually, all natural reserves are consumed.

Running supplements are a fundamental aid in maintaining energy and can be taken:

  • before running to increase muscle and liver glycogen reserves;
  • during the run to replenish glucose and prevent glycogen supplies from running out;
  • after the run to speed up recovery by restoring glucose supplies.

Before the race

Before training or a race you need to stock up on energy supplies, saturate the body with carbohydrates which can then be used to release energy during the race. One hour before the effort you should consume a light snack rich in carbohydrates and low in proteins and fats and pre-workout supplements containing simple and complex carbohydrates to improve performance and resistance.

ATP BOOSTER, rich in Fructose 1,6-diphosphate, Carnitine and Carnosine is a supplement in liquid form designed to provide immediate energy and to promote the metabolic processes that make the energy available to the muscles.

During the race

In workouts lasting more than 90 minutes, to maintain high performance, it is a good idea to bring with you a supplement based on maltodextrins and other quickly expendable carbohydrates, to be consumed during the race to always have new energy and continue training in the best way.

Thanks to their characteristics, the best running supplements are in gel:

  • convenience of hiring and transport;
  • digestibility without return of taste for athletes who are sensitive to the gastric level under stress;
  • different mixture of carbohydrates to guarantee the best assimilation of the same in a progressive and optimal way for the athlete.

ISOTONIC GEL, rich in Maltodextrins, Fructose 1-6-diphosphate and Cyclodextrins, it is an energy gel preparation that guarantees excellent assimilation so as not to force the athlete to drink a lot of water.

After the race

Once training is over, it is necessary to replenish and promote recovery for tired muscles:

  • in case of light training, just drink plenty of water and adopt a normal diet within an hour of finishing the race;
  • in the case of intense training, in which almost all glycogen reserves have been consumed, it is necessary to replenish above all carbohydrates with a high glycemic index, branched chain amino acids (fundamental for muscles) and water.

Sprintade: products that are easy to transport and consume

The Sprintade products, innovative, with high added value and entirely conceived and made in Italy, they allow you to provide specific nutrients when you need them most, before and after effort, during training or in the short intervals of a race. Innovative formats, in vials, gels and chewable gums, and highly concentrated formulations to replenish energy when needed and increase concentration and resistance to fatigue.

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