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Maltodextrin: supplement to respond to tiredness

Let’s find out what maltodextrins are and when to take them

Are you looking for a supplement that allows you to maintain high performance throughout your training? Would you like it to be easy to absorb and without annoying taste returns? A maltodextrin supplement it’s the one for you, quick to assimilate, it guarantees an immediate supply of slow-release energy for consistently high-level performance.

Every athlete knows that in order to be able, in competition or in training, to overcome their limits and bring home the best result sacrifice and a lot of perseverance are needed. Days of progressive training, often hard and tiring, alternating exercises at a high pace, at a medium-low pace to recover and then at full speed, always keeping your head fixed on the goal, extremely focused and clear. To help body and mind cope with efforts in the best possible way, a healthy and balanced diet, without excesses and excesses, and correct supplementation before, during and after physical activity are essential.

The importance of integration for athletes

During sporting performance, whether amateur or competitive, body and mind are put to the test: the body is subjected to very intense and prolonged effort, concentration is at the highest levels and all energy is used up. The athlete’s body is used to effort, but when supplies run out, the athlete must be able to count on immediate recharging, before tiredness sets in.

Sports supplements are designed precisely for this purpose: provide, when needed, the right amount of nutrients essential for physical effort. The result of studies and accurate laboratory analyses, they are a source of pure energy, easily digestible and can be quick or slow released.

The integration can therefore be carried out in different phases:

  • first, to increase and saturate glycogen reserves (the basis for energizing the body during physical activity)
  • during, to replenish glucose at the right time, preventing glycogen supplies from running out
  • afterwards, to accelerate muscle recovery, restoring glucose supplies

Maltodextrin supplement

Carbohydrates are the body’s main source of energy, to avoid the digestion times of the foods that contain them, ensuring an optimal and constant energy reserve throughout the training, it is better to opt for a maltodextrin supplement.

Maltodextrins are mixtures of carbohydrates obtained from the hydrolysis process of starches,these are chains of glucose molecules of variable length which therefore guarantee slow release energy. Unlike foods, they are rapidly assimilated, easily digestible, do not weigh down the stomach and, being refined carbohydrates, do not provide other nutrients so they are an immediate source of energy.

For those who practice endurance sports, such as running and cycling, maltodextrins represent the main ingredient since they are able to increase resistance to continuous effort, delaying fatigue.

Sprintade® products: integration for athletes

The Sprintade® line was born from the desire to create innovative products , 100% made in Italy, with convenient formats, easy to use and take with you during training, such as gels, chewable gums and liquid vials. The purpose of Sprintade® is to support the metabolism of all athletes, ensuring greater availability of energy and active nutrients that are necessary to achieve the best performance.

Based on maltodextrins, Sprintade® offers ISOTONIC GEL an energy preparation that guarantees progressive and optimal assimilation using maltodextrins with chains of different lengths. It’s about a blood orange flavored gel created to accommodate all athletes who, under stress, are particularly sensitive to the gastric level. This maltodextrin supplement, in fact, guarantees excellent assimilation of nutrients without forcing the athlete to drink a lot of water.

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