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How to gain muscle mass the right way

The importance of good training for mass followed by proper rest, proper diet and the use of supplements for muscle mass

Have you happened to try different types of exercises immediately feeling the increase in your strength but did not get the desired results on your physique? Despite your efforts, you are unable to put on mass? All too often in these situations we get overwhelmed by discouragement, give up on the goals we had set and stop working out. Nothing could be more wrong! In this article we will discuss how to increase muscle mass consistently and correctly, knowing that every physique responds differently to stimuli.

By managing to never lose motivation, training consistently in the right way, giving the physique the time it needs to recover, and nourishing it properly with a healthy diet and essential supplemental support, the physique will begin, over time, to adapt to new muscle stimuli and mass will begin to grow.

CHow to increase muscle mass: training, recovery, nutrition and supplementation

As with anything, training is personal and varies from individual to individual, depending on genetic predisposition, basic musculature and physical ability. Therefore, without wishing to list a path of specific exercises and repetitions (something that should be entrusted to a good trainer after careful evaluation), to answer the question how to increase muscle mass we say that is important to achieve muscle exhaustion and mechanically stimulate strength.

Regardless of the type of exercises performed, in fact, a workout to increase mass becomes truly effective only if the number of neuromotor units stressed (the smallest functional entity of muscle that is controlled by the nervous system) is very high. To be able to determine this requires a subjective assessment also based on the experience and determination of the athlete, keeping well in mind that the growth of muscle mass requires a constant and gradual increase in training load.


To know how to increase muscle mass, it is essential to know the importance, although always greatly underestimated, of recovery time-that is, the body’s ability to return to homeostasis of the different physiological systems following muscle and inflammatory damage due to physical activity. Its main physical function is to allow the body to carry out various repair processes, favoring the restoration of the previous functional situation of the muscle fibers and their strengthening in anticipation of a new training session.

Rest must be of “quality” and must be regenerating for the body, since those who rest completely recover more quickly and must be commensurate with the effort faced:

  • for beginners 24 hours of rest are sufficient after a short total body workout, while 48 are needed in the case of specific training centered on a muscle group;
  • for experts, one or two days a week of rest are recommended, preferably after more intense training.

Nutrition and integration

Two other fundamental pillars for increasing muscle mass are a correct diet supported by the targeted integration of certain nutrients to guarantee the muscles all the substances they need. Proteins are particularly important for building muscles. In strength sports, a protein intake that does not fall below 1.7-1.8 g/kg and does not exceed 2.3 g/kg may be advisable. . However, it is important to remember that no food alone is able to provide all the nutrients the body needs, in the right proportions, therefore, while favoring a higher protein intake, it is good to have a varied diet.

Finally, alongside a balanced diet, good integration is essential.
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