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Endurance running supplements to improve performance

Valuable allies for sports where energy expenditure is high and for prolonged periods

Endurance sports are characterised by a very high expenditure of energy and nutrients proportional to the duration of the effort. In order to ensure adequate performance over time, it is essential to replenish at the right time, always carrying endurance racing supplements, responding to fatigue and overcoming one’s limits.

Although they differ in the various disciplines (running, swimming, cycling, marathon, triathlon, etc.), endurance sports have certain points in common: duration, oxygen consumption and energy expenditure. Athletes’ physiques must be fully trained and able to withstand fatigue and psychological pressure, and they need an adequate intake of the correct amount of carbohydrates before, during and after sporting activity. Today we will discuss endurance running supplements.

Train endurance

Progressive running works on endurance, i.e. the ability to maintain a prolonged effort over time without succumbing to the sensation and symptoms of fatigue, relying on the energy of a highly trained body and mind.

Before focusing on increasing endurance, it is a good idea to assess one’s own level, studying gradual efforts that can improve this physical quality, without leading to overtraining and injury.

Our tips for improving endurance are:

  • Constance: To increase your aerobic capacity, strengthen your muscles and be able to run for longer periods, you need to train consistently. An ideal regular training session would be four 30-minute runs per week to start with.
  • Regularity: increase your run by maintaining a constant pace over its entire length. You can increase the run by 5 to 10 minutes or by 0.8 to 1.6 km at a time.
  • Psychological preparation: Endurance sports such as running put a strain on the body but also on the mind, so it is important to ‘train’ the latter as well in order to maintain lucidity throughout the performance.
  • Train the body to dispose of lactic acid: alternates progressive, short-distance runs at a high pace in order to accustom the body to the discomfort caused by lactate and to speed up the processes to eliminate it.
  • Nutrition: Carbohydrates are used by the body to produce energy. Before a race or training session, therefore, it is necessary to saturate the body with this macronutrient, either with food or through endurance running supplements, in order to provide the right amount of energy to cover the set distance.
  • Rest: Indispensable after a workout or between sessions is muscular and mental rest, together with replenishment of nutrients in the 30 minutes following the run.

Endurance running supplements

For endurance runners, carbohydrate intake before, during and after exertion is essential, but since it is very demanding on the stomach to ingest as much carbohydrate as the body requires from food alone, it is best to opt for endurance running supplements that guarantee a concentrated and easily assimilated replenishment. Depending on the discipline and intensity, between 30 and 90 grams of carbohydrates per hour should be consumed during sports performance in order to maintain a constant performance.

For those practising endurance sports, maltodextrins represent the main ingredient. They are mixtures of carbohydrates derived from the process of hydrolysis of starches, more or less long polymers capable of increasing resistance to continuous exertion, delaying fatigue. During exertion, it is advisable to take maltodextrins on a regular basis every 15-20 minutes, so the supplements should be easy to transport and consume, preferably tasteless, very digestible and quickly assimilated.

ISOTONIC GEL by Sprintade® is an energy preparation based on maltodextrins with chains of different lengths, which guarantees progressive and optimal assimilation without forcing the athlete to take in a lot of water.

Sprintade® products alongside athletes

The Sprintade® line was born from the desire to create innovative products , easily transportable and quickly assimilated to support the metabolism of all athletes, by ensuring greater availability of energy, even over the long term, and the supply of the active nutrients that are needed to achieve optimum performance.

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