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Best supplements for muscle mass: how to increase it

Let’s discover the best among gym supplements to increase muscle mass

Do you have a very intense training programme, but despite the great physical effort you are not seeing the desired results? Would you like to gain muscle mass the right way but faster? Between advertisements, advice from friends at the gym and some research on the Web, you have discovered the existence of many useful sports supplements for this purpose, but you don’t know which one to choose? In this article, we will tell you about the best muscle mass supplements to accompany your great workout with the supplementation of useful nutrients for your body.

The right attention

In order not to risk injury and to achieve one’s goals, sportsmen and women must know their bodies and understand their needs, by responding in a targeted and effective manner to the various demands, in the knowledge that proper physical activity requires paying close attention to four fundamental points: training, rest, nutrition and supplementation. If even one of these four points is missing, it becomes much more difficult to achieve good results and you end up taking unnecessary risks.

To increase muscle mass, therefore, one must:

  • an intense training plan, appropriate to both the athlete’s physique and the goals to be achieved, constant and controlled and followed by a qualified trainer;
  • the right hours of rest, which must be regenerative, complete, of quality and commensurate with the effort made;
  • a correct and balanced diet that ensures that macronutrients (carbohydrates and proteins) are supplemented in the right amount and supports the body with minerals and vitamins from fruit and vegetables
  • an appropriate supplementation of the nutrients needed by the body, at the exact time it requires them, before, during and after training. One of the best supplements for muscle mass is certainly creatine, a substance essential for muscles to produce ATP.

What is creatine

Creatine is an amino acid naturally present in the body that, from three other amino acids (arginineglycine and methionine), is synthesised by the pancreas, liver and kidneys, and is also increased through diet. In a man of about 70 kg, the body’s creatine quantity is usually about 120g, and the daily requirement is 2g. Of this amount, 1g is obtained through endogenous synthesis and 1g through the diet (creatine is present in foods of animal origin, especially meat and fish).

The main function of creatine is to bind to a phosphate group, transforming into creatine phosphate or phosphocreatine, and acting to meet the energy demands of the alactacidic anaerobic mechanism. Natural reserves of phosphocreatine are, however, depleted in about 4-5 seconds, so to maintain high performance, athletes must replenish it.By replenishing creatine through the best supplements for muscle mass, it is possible to increase stores by up to 40% and significantly improve performance.

What Creatin is used for

Numerous studies over the years have shown the great benefits of creatine especially from an ergogenic point of view, specifically during short duration but high intensity exercise. Among the benefits that have made creatine one of the best supplements for muscle mass are:

  • the anabolic function of muscle cells resulting in an increase in mass;
  • the increase in critical power and the removal of the feeling of fatigue;
  • the improvement of contractile capacity and neuromuscular function;
  • osmotic properties that improve the body’s hydration;
  • the increased ability to store glycogen in muscles.

CREAFos by Sprintade® among the best supplements for muscle mass

CREAFos is the new powder supplement from the Sprintade® line, perfect for those seeking the right energy support to improve performance and increase muscle mass. The ingenious idea behind this supplement, the one that places it among the best supplements for muscle mass, is to combine Creatine with Fructose 1-6 diphosphate, thereby promoting the creation of phosphocreatine. Due to its high content of these two important nutrients, CREAFos can be consumed regularly to increase muscle reserves of creatine and phosphate.

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