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Why do you lose more weight in the summer? let’s find out

As summer approaches  we may feel the need to lose a few extra pounds, also in view of the infamous swimsuit test. The warm season can help us in this,  since in summer it can be easier to lose weight, although obviously this must always be combined with a correct and healthy diet and perhaps the right amount of physical activity. But let’s see why in summer it is easier to lose weight or at least lose a few kilos.

Summer nutition

One of the factors attributable to the possibility of weight loss in the summer is certainly linked to nutrition and our eating habits. Notoriously, in winter we tend to eat more. This is because during the cold periods our body needs to consume a greater number of calories, while in summer the calorie intake is drastically reduced, and this can manifest itself with a decrease in appetite, given that our body, subject to higher temperatures, needs to keep body temperature low, while digestion produces the effect of thermogenesis. At the same time we tend to neglect hotter foods, which are known to be more caloric, and are instead more attracted to fresher and healthier foods such as fruit and vegetables.

Outdoor movement

Another factor that may be linked to weight loss in the summer is due to the fact that you move more. In fact, if winter is linked more to a sedentary lifestyle and if  perhaps many evenings we find ourselves hopelessly on the sofa watching TV, munching on snacks or chips, with the good weather instead we tend to go out, to spend more time away from home. As a result, you walk much more and are much more active. This leads to the possibility of burning more calories and at the same time our metabolism tends to be more active. Even on a simple day at the beach we can do many activities that lead us to burn many more calories, such as a swim, a walk on the shore or a game of beach tennis or beach volleyball.

In summer you lose more weight, it’s true, but only if certain metabolic conditions are met

During the summer we drink more

The process of hydration it is one of the aspects to take into consideration most in summer. Higher temperatures and heat necessarily lead us to drink much more. In fact, if in winter we find ourselves drinking perhaps only a few glasses of water a day and we tend to have less need to quench our thirst, the same cannot be said in the warmer months. There are many benefits of drinking lot of water, but as some studies confirm it can be an excellent ally in the weight loss process (especially due to the feeling of satiety that it can temporarily generate), it also helps to expel excess fluids and toxins.

It is important to remember that with increased urination and water intake, the quantity of mineral salts present in the body can be reduced. The effects of the loss of electrolytes are multiple, from the feeling of exhaustion, to muscle cramps, to a reduced ability to retain liquids in our body. It could be useful, especially before an excursion or during a soccer match, to take products such as Sprintade® Hydro, useful for replenishing salts and other substances.


Obviously these are some factors that make Summer an excellent ally for anyone who wants to shed a few kilos. But as we know, miracles do not exist and you need willpower, commitment, dedication and perhaps the help of an expert nutritionist. Many, thanks to Mojitos on the beach and dinners with relatives, end up having the opposite experience and gaining weight instead of losing weight.

However, based on what has been said, we leave you with some simple guidelines to follow on how to lose weight in the summer:

  • Prefer healthier and less caloric foods such as fresh fruit or a nice salad.
  • Dedicate some time to movement and physical activity, even with a simple walk or bike ride, perhaps at sunset or early in the morning.
  • Drink plenty of water, thus providing the necessary hydration, avoiding the use of other carbonated and/or sugary drinks.

Let’s not despair if we have lost a little mass

While some may like losing a little weight, for others it may seem like a condemnation, especially if they have followed a path to gain mass. We are happy if you would like to bring with you a jar of ours proteins, but our advice – like that of many nutritionists – is to live the holiday period in relaxation, perhaps without straying too far from your diet, but giving yourself relaxation and freedom. A normal journey is a journey made up of ups and downs and there will be time to recover in September with less extreme weather.

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