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Supplements for strength and endurance: valuable allies

Let’s talk about running and cycling supplements to increase physical endurance

Running, cycling, marathon, swimming and triathlon are endurance sports, i.e. characterised by a long duration of effort and a very high expenditure of energy and nutrients. During training or competitions, athletes put themselves to the test in order to exceed their limits, but when energy levels drop, it is essential to replenish them through specific, highly formulated products such as strength and endurance supplements in order to ensure continued high performance..

Endurance sports training is made up of very long sessions, enormous energy expenditure, oxygen consumption and fatigue endurance, and in order to be able to cope with them at their best, athletes put both body and mind to the test: the physique must be perfectly trained to withstand the effort and the head must be able to withstand the pressure.

An adequate intake of carbohydrates is necessary to help the body before, during and after sporting activity, both through diet and supplementation, so that you can respond to fatigue and improve performance.


Endurance sports work on strength but above all on endurance, i.e. the ability of highly trained athletes to maintain an effort for a long time without succumbing to the symptoms of fatigue and the sensations it brings. Gradual resistance training will allow you to significantly improve performance and to do so requires:

  • constance: the only way to improve aerobic and muscular capacity is to train continuously over time;
  • regularity: a constant pace must be maintained throughout the training in order to increase the course from time to time;
  • nutrition and supplementation: carbohydrates are the basis with which the body produces energy, so in order to be able to train at its best, consistently and regularly, it is necessary to saturate the body with this macronutrient before training and to take strength and endurance supplements at the right time during exercise;
  • rest: muscular rest, but also mental rest is indispensable to recover from exertion;
  • post-training supplementation: To help the body, it is essential to replenish nutrients within the first 30 minutes after physical activity.

Supplements for strength and endurance

Depending on the discipline practised and the intensity of the performance, during exertion it is good practice to take 30 to 90 grams of carbohydrates per hour to maintain constant athletic levels. For those practising endurance sports, therefore, carbohydrates consumed before, during and after activity are basic, but during exertion, very often athletes have a clenched stomach or are very susceptible to flavours, and therefore ingesting a high amount of carbohydrates can become very taxing on the stomach.

More than nutrition, then, the help and support of strength and endurance supplements specially formulated to provide athletes with a concentrated and easily assimilated replenishment becomes invaluablele maltodestrine are the main ingredient.

The maltodextrines are more or less long polymers, mixtures of carbohydrates derived from the hydrolysis process of starches, capable of delaying the onset of fatigue, increasing endurance to sustained effort. During intense training, it is advisable to take maltodextrins on a regular basis every 15-20 minutes through ready-to-use strength and endurance supplements, which are easy to transport and swallow, preferably tasteless and quickly assimilated.

Endurance Kit from Sprintade® to support athletes

The entire Sprintade® product line was created to support the metabolism of athletes by making supplementation available in every context, including extreme endurance sports such as marathon, triathlon and ironman.

And it is precisely because of the need to replenish carbohydrates during the longer sessions of endurance athletes that the Endurance Kit formed by Hydro, kit for your flasks, the legendary ATP BOOSTER 3.0 12x and a pack of ISOTONIC GEL in your favourite flavour, perfect for activating muscle energy and overcoming one’s limits

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