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13/01/24 2

Not all quarantines come to harm

In this quarantine I learned how important movement is to me.

I’ve been doing sports for as long as I can remember. I don’t remember a single period of my life in which there were no training sessions, competitions or trips.

I have always been so immersed in this world that I never wondered too much about what was outside.

I just wasn’t interested!

I always thought that sport was my path, that whatever happened I would work in the sporting field.

But then it happens that you grow up and start to think that the world cannot be reduced to the mere result of a competition and that your value cannot be reduced to that.

You study, you train, you grow.

But you can’t abandon the races, as you need the emotion they give you and the adrenaline that comes from them.

On the other hand, however, with every race that doesn’t go as it should because you weren’t able to train because you had to study, because you sacrificed rest due to work, because in any case you are determined to build a future and a professionalism that goes beyond your time ending… so every time the ending is different from what you expected, a sort of fracture opens up in you.

You start to hate working out alone.

You start to no longer feel like having to always prove your worth. Damn, haven’t you figured out yet that I’m much more than a race?

You finally decide to stop being an “athlete”. You no longer want to have training obligations, schedules, deadlines. Just move for the pleasure of it and IF you enjoy doing it.

Here, in this context the quarantine has arrived.

After the first two weeks of discouragement and frustration, I understood that my only effective outlet would be movement.

It didn’t matter the way.

The important thing for me was to do sport.

So the spark shined again.

Every day I dedicated at least 1 hour to physical activity, focusing on those aspects that I had always considered “marginal” such as mobility, stretching and breathing.

Then I moved on to strength development.

Now that we can finally return to the open air, I will have to start working on building my aerobic base again…

But I think there will still be time for that!!

Obviously, this program was combined with a healthy and balanced diet.

In conclusion, this quarantine has helped me rediscover the love for sport as such, not aimed at sporting performance!

It almost seems like it could be fun too!

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