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Calories Consumption in Daily Activities: A Practical Approach to Health

When it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, calorie consumption is not only about regular exercise, but also about the daily activities we perform. Although it may not seem like it, many of our daily activities can contribute to the total calories consumption throughout the day. Let’s take a look at some common examples and how they can affect our energy balance.

Daily activities

Calories burned in 30 minutes (approximate)
Work on PC50-70 calories
Ironing laundry50-70 calories
Washing floors100-150 calories
Gaming20-40 calories

Short activities

Calories burned in 15 minutes (approximate)
Washing dishes35-50 calories
Throwing away rubbish20-30 calories
Doing laundry70 calories

Calories Consumption in Daily Activities

Calories for working at the PC

With the increasing dependence on computer work, many people spend a large part of their day sitting in front of a PC. Although it seems like a sedentary activity, working at a computer can still burn a significant number of calories, especially if you are typing or actively researching.

Calories from washing dishes

Washing dishes may seem like a tedious task, but it can be an opportunity to burn a few extra calories. Constant arm movement and bending over can help boost your metabolism and burn calories in a moderate way.

Calories for washing floors

Cleaning and scrubbing floors involves many muscle groups, especially the back and legs. This can lead to higher calorie consumption than other household activities, especially if you are sweeping or scrubbing vigorously.

Calories from throwing garbage

Even a seemingly simple activity like throwing out the garbage can contribute to overall calorie consumption. Although it may not seem like much, constant movement and bending over can burn a fair number of calories over time.

Calories from playing a video game

Although video games are often associated with a sedentary lifestyle, playing certain types of games can still involve some degree of movement and physical activity. Games that require rapid and reactive movements may increase calorie consumption compared to more sedentary games. In cases of very brain-intensive activities, such as competitive or reasoning challenges, these can also account for more than one calorie per minute.

Calories for Ironing

The practice of ironing (perhaps the most boring? 😢) clothes for 30 minutes can burn up to 70 calories, while also providing an opportunity to improve hand-eye coordination and reduce stress. A home activity that offers physical and mental benefits.

Calories for Doing the Laundry

Washing clothes by hand for 20 minutes can burn about 60 calories, combining light physical activity with the necessary task of keeping clothes clean and fresh. An alternative to traditional exercise that is easily integrated into the household routine.

Calories for Shopping

Shopping for groceries also usually requires a brisk walk. A 30-minute walk to the grocery store can burn up to 150 calories depending on our weight and the weight we carry, offering a double benefit: buying fresh food and promoting physical activity. A practical way to maintain health while performing an essential daily activity.


In conclusion, even the simplest daily activities can contribute to overall calorie consumption throughout the day. Incorporating small changes into our daily routine can help us maintain an active and healthy lifestyle in the long term.

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