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Best cycling supplements to combat fatigue

Valid allies for regaining energy and clarity while pedaling

Cycling, we know, is an endurance sport, in every training session the athletes aim to break down both physical and mental barriers, subjecting themselves to great muscular work, hours of solo effort and absolute concentration, to keep the level high. all the time. Cycling, like all endurance sports, must be based on a good training technique, the right diet and valid supplementation to be practiced. In this article we will talk about the best cycling supplements.

During races and training, both at an amateur and agonistic level, the physical consumes a large amount of nutrients to produce the energy needed to pedal for a long period. When these are missing, to prevent the body from affecting the fat reserves and ultimately the muscles, it is best to replenish them at the right time.


Shortly after the spread of the bicycle (born in France in 1791), cycling became a sport, the first to spread internationally. The first track competitions began in the second half of the 19th century, road races began in the last decade of the 19th century and the first stage races were only held at the beginning of the following century.

Currently the disciplines are:

  • road cycling, the most widespread, practiced and followed discipline of cycling
  • track cycling, inside a velodrome
  • cyclocross with routes with short and very steep climbs and descents, many angled turns and sections on very narrow paths
  • mountain biking, on off-road routes
  • BMX, on courses similar to those of motocross characterized by bumps, parabolic curves and other similar obstacles
  • para-cycling, for athletes with motor disabilities and the blind

Best cycling supplements: the nutrients to focus on

Sports supplements are designed to provide the right amount of nutrients essential for physical effort, at the precise moment they are needed. They are a pure energy source, they do not weigh you down and are easily digestible and they can be quick or slow released, so integration can be carried out before, during or after physical activity.

Especially for those that must be taken during exercise, it is essential that the packages are small and easy to transport, vials, gum or water bottle kits, preferably tasteless given that many athletes are particularly sensitive to the gastric level during activity.

The nutrients to focus on to improve performance are:

  • Highly branched cyclodextrins: a slow-release energy source that allows the release of energy in the long term (even 4 hours after assimilation) and rehydration during sporting activity;
  • Maltodextrin: provide immediate energy and remove the feeling of fatigue;
  • Fructose 1,6-diphosphate: rapidly metabolised and ready to release compounds with highly energetic phosphoric bonds;
  • Caffeine: capable of increasing blood flow to the muscles and raising adrenaline levels;
  • Carnitine: capable of accelerating the metabolism of lipids and therefore producing energy;
  • Carnosine: capable of counteracting the symptoms of lactic acid, allowing longer performances and faster recovery after the performance;
  • L-Arginine: able to improve the resistance and oxygenation of the muscles.

Sprintade®: integration for cyclists

The Sprintade® line was created to support athletes during endurance sports such as cycling, marathon, triathlon and ironman, ensuring very fast integration and assimilation of nutrients when needed. Born from long research processes, all products support the metabolic cycle with high availability of ATP and Nitrates, ensuring greater energy availability even in the long term.

Among the best cycling supplements we find:

  • ISOTONIC GEL, isotonic gel based on maltodextrins and complex carbohydrates to provide energy progressively and respond to tiredness pedal after pedal
  • ATP BOOSTER, a supplement in liquid form for every whenever you need immediate energy.
  • ENERGY GUM, a supplement in the form of chewable gum capable of responding against tiredness and provide energy even when it is not possible to carry the classic supplement packs with you
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