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13/01/24 2

Quarantine training strategies

Each of us in this forced quarantine phase, never experienced before, has adopted our own training strategy.

Despite many, mine was a choice against the current where, right or wrong, I decided not to adopt training on the treadmill or on the cycle mill and I did not use the perimeter of the house to run.

So I want to talk to you about the method I adopted.

First of all, I decided to completely suspend all the disciplines that I regularly do, such as running, cycling and swimming, for the entire duration of PHASE 1.

My idea was to approach this period as if it were a type of  athletic program, in which the first phase requires focusing on the fundamentals, i.e. joint mobility and muscle strengthening.

By adopting this strategy, day after day, I have been able to improve my flexibility and mobility. Furthermore, I had the opportunity to discover and practice yoga lessons, to which I opened up with great pleasure and interest.

Many may wonder why I decided to take up yoga practice precisely in the period in which I should have concentrated all my strength on preparing for my second Ironman, one of the toughest endurance races in the world.

This is because I considered it more important and correct to reduce the efforts, so as to be able to start again with more solid foundations.

In fact, I believe that sometimes to improve we need to know how to slow down and dig deep within ourselves to find and build our true strength and energy.

Great ambitions often lead us to skip ahead. By doing so, we put our entire structure at risk and increase the likelihood of incurring injuries, compromising our performance and forcing us into periods of forced downtime.

As in a correct athletic training program, after approximately 40 days of PHASE 1 I entered PHASE 2, starting from scratch in all my activities but aware of having a nice solid container available that I can gradually fill in view of the next goals.

In this way, I built a path that ensured I could enjoy my freedom of movement again in an intelligent and conscious way.

Martin Flamigni

Athletic Trainer & Personal trainer,

Works at Flamigni Trainer


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