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Maltodextrins: benefits in the gym and bodybuilding

Maltodextrins: benefits in the gym and bodybuilding

In a recent article we talked about the importance of taking Maltodextrins in Endurance, emphasising their important contribution in improving sports performance.

But can taking maltodextrins also be functional for those practising an anaerobic sport such as bodybuilding? The answer is definitely yes; let’s see how the  Maltodextrins  can be an important ally for anyone wishing to increase their muscle mass.

Which benefits have maltodextrins in the gym, fitness or bodybuilding?

Taking Maltodextrins in Bodybuilding can provide benefits in terms of:

  • Energy Supply
  • Improving Endurance
  • Muscle recovery
  • Increasing muscle mass

Energy supply pre-workout and during

During a training session, carbohydrate reserves are essential to give us the energy we need to perform the effort. But as we know, these reserves are not infinite, and the more intense the effort, the more we need to draw on these reserves. Consequently, it is necessary to maintain a constant level of the necessary reserves that allow us not to run out of energy and thus keep our performance constant. In this, maltodextrins prove to be excellent allies, because being complex carbohydrates obtained by hydrolysis of starch, they can give us the right amount of energy, but with better digestibility and faster energy release than other carbohydrate-based foods or drinks composed of simple sugars.

Improving Resistance in the Gym

Studies claim there is no improvement in endurance for strength training with short or medium intervals. As mentioned, the benefits of taking maltodextrins pre-workout or during training are in terms of pure energy reserves. This way, our muscles will not run out of petrol and we will be able to aim for an increase in effort volume, repetitions or loads. Having a greater energy reserve we can devote ourselves to more intense and prolonged efforts, thus delaying the feeling of tiredness and fatigue.

The real advantage of pre-workout or during training maltodextrins is the type of metabolism they trigger, concentrated on the carbohydrates just taken. In a low-calorie or normocaloric diet, it then becomes logical to take maltodextrins before going to the gym, rather than overdoing it during the previous meal.

Maltodextrins and Post-Workout Muscle Recovery

Maltodextrins can also prove useful post-workout. In fact, they can be taken during the anabolic window to replenish the glycogen reserves in your muscles that you have drawn on during your training session. Several recent studies  have demonstrated how a mix of maltodextrin and Protein immediately after training proves to be congenial to a faster and more efficient muscle recovery.

Maltodextrins and increased muscle mass

The last benefit, but not in terms of importance, is the increase in muscle mass, the truly great goal of those who dedicate themselves to Bodybuilding! Maltodextrins can also help us in this. Combined with protein and a healthy, balanced diet, they can provide us with that calorie surplus that enables us to stimulate Hypertrophy and consequently gain muscle mass. The benefit of maltodextrin supplements is also to be able to dose the amount of carbohydrates perfectly when going to the gym.

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