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Cycling supplements: what they are and when to use them

Supplements for athletes to replenish specific nutrients during competition or training

Whether on the track, on the road or in the mountains, sustained training or a race puts the body and mind to the test. During prolonged sporting activity, both at an amateur and professional level, the body consumes a very high quantity of nutrients essential for producing energy. If these were missing, our body would affect the fat reserves and finally the muscles. To prevent this from happening, it is essential to use specific products designed for athletes, such as cycling supplements.

Cycling is the endurance sport par excellence. With each training session, the cyclist pushes his body and mind beyond their limits. The very high level of concentration and intense muscular work for long periods of time inevitably lead to a large expenditure of energy. The integration of certain nutrients at the right time is therefore essential to maintain high performance and optimal energy levels.

What are cycling supplements

The etymology of the word says a lot about the function and nature of supplements. Supplementing means compensating for a nutritional deficiency, which is especially fundamental in contexts of intensive and repeated effort, from medium distances upwards and for those who compete or train frequently.

Cycling supplements are designed to provide the right amount of basic nutrients for physical activity, at the right time. Only the nutrients required at that given moment are integrated, dosed precisely, so as not to weigh down the athlete’s stomach. They can be quick-release, being assimilated immediately, or slow, providing energy gradually over a prolonged time. Usually, they are sold in disposable or powder packages to be inserted into the water bottle, so they are easy to transport, take up little space in your pockets and do not deteriorate like food might.

We can highlight 3 priority bands of integration in sport:

  • Preliminary integration
  • Integration under stress
  • Recovery integration

Let’s see specifically how to best deal with these 3 phases.

Preliminary integration

Together with correct nutrition, preliminary integration allows the body to reach the optimal nutrient levels to be able to undertake physical activity. It is good practice, at least three hours before going out, to consume a meal rich in carbohydrates and low in fat and fiber to aid digestion and prevent stomach problems.

Then, 20-30 minutes before cycling, take a pre-workout supplement designed to ensure good pre-hydration and a moderate amount of mineral salts, low glycemic index carbohydrates and nutrients useful for optimizing performance.

Our advice is ATP BOOSTER 3.0, a supplement in liquid designed to provide immediate energy and to promote the metabolic processes that make the energy available to the muscles.

Integration under stress

supplementation under stress is essential to hydrate and replenish the water-saline and energy losses that the cyclist experiences during training or a race through supplements in liquid form, gums and gels. Maintaining the right hydration is essential: a bottle of mineral water alone may be fine for short-term events, while for longer events sports drinks are preferable as they help replenish carbohydrates and electrolytes.

Our advice is ISOTONIC GEL, based on maltodextrins and complex carbohydrates, guarantees energy and allows the assimilation of carbohydrates in a progressive and optimal way for the athlete.

Recovery integration

The recovery supplement is aimed at helping the body recoverbetter and faster after a great effort. After physical activity, the body needs to be hydrated by drinking abundantly and to recover energy by taking products or foods rich in carbohydrates to start restoring muscle glycogen.

It is also very important to take substances with an antioxidant and detoxifying action that help eliminate excess toxins and reduce the formation of catabolites that are created after physical activity and which slow down muscle recovery. For optimal recovery, in the anabolic phase, it is good to take free amino acids.

Sprintade®: a supplement plan before, during and after training

The Sprintade products are designed to guarantee the maximum speed of nutrient assimilation</strong > thanks to highly concentrated formulations and the choice of liquid and chewable format, allowing you to provide specific nutrients at the exact moment you need them, before a ride, in the short intervals of a race, or to replenish after a workout

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