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Blueberry juice, a real panacea for athletes

Let’s discover the cranberry and blueberry properties and benefits for athletes

Are you looking for a natural drink to replenish vitamins and minerals after your workout? Are you looking for a tasty yet useful drink to help your muscles recover after a workout? Blueberry juice is just the thing for you! Tasty, refreshing and really useful for the body thanks to its numerous beneficial properties, the blueberry, eaten fresh, in juices or centrifuges, is an excellent ally in post-workout recovery.

Recovering energy, replenishing the minerals and vitamins lost through sweating, and helping the body recover well and quickly between training sessions is essential to be able to perform at its best each time. During training, whether amateur or competitive, the athlete’s body and mind are put to the test. The body is pushed beyond its limits with intense and prolonged exertion, concentration is at maximum levels in order to achieve the set goals, and energy consumption is extremely high.

Once the sports session is over, the muscle fibres have been damaged, stress hormones and lactic acid have been released, fatigue sets in and tiredness leads the sportsman, after showering, to just want to rest. But it is precisely at this stage that the body needs most care and integration to recover all the nutrients lost during activity and recover properly.

Blueberry juice

Recent research from the Massey School of Sport and Exercise, published in the Journal of The International Society of Sports Nutrition, studied the effects of drinking blueberry juice in athletes. By subjecting ten athletes to very intense training, it was noted that in those who were given blueberry juice to drink before, after and during exercise, it was evidenta decrease in oxidative stress and inflammatory phenomena and an improvement in immune defences.,phenomena totally absent in athletes who had not taken blueberry.

The antioxidant effect that counteracts oxidative stress from free radicals and thus reduces muscle damage resulting from physical exertion is due to the high anthocyanin content. But this is not the only great benefit of blueberry juice. With its blue-violet or red colouring, the blueberry is considered a true super-food as it is rich in anthocyanins, tannins and vitamins A, B, E, K, which can reduce post-workout tiredness and fatigue and provide the organism with numerous benefits such as:

  • contribute to normal energy metabolism and proper functioning of the nervous system due to high fibre and vitamin C;
  • fight capillary fragility;
  • help digestion and combat intestinal problems from which many athletes suffer thanks to the tannins that prevent the development of bacteria;
  • protect the urinary tract;
  • improve vision and fragile retinal capillaries;
  • help the immune system by preventing seasonal diseases, fighting inflammation and respiratory tract pain;
  • help the circulatory and cardiovascular system.

What to do when you can’t drink blueberry juice

In short, a glass of blueberry juice reduces the chance of getting sick, protecting the athlete and preparing the body for outdoor sports activities even in winter. But when it is not possible to drink a good juice, when you are unable to carry an extra flask in addiction to water, or when training does not allow an excessive intake of fluids, a supplement containing blueberry is the right solution.

ATP BOOSTER by Sprintade® is a liquid supplement in ampoules containing 250 mg of blueberry juice, plus 500 mg of Carnosine, 1000 mg of Carnitine and 2000 mg of Fructose-1,6-diphosphate designed to provide immediate energy and to be taken whenever the athlete needs it, whether in a race or in training.

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