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Arginine: supplement with multiple properties

Let’s find out which foods are rich in arginine and what the creatine it synthesizes is

Indispensable substance in the growth phase, Arginine is synthesized in adults at the renal and hepatic level and is considered a conditionally essential amino acid, i.e. indispensable at certain times and in physiopathological conditions. When the body is not able to produce the necessary quantity at the precise moment in which it is needed, such as periods of high psychophysical stress, physical trauma, burns or to rebuild damaged muscle tissue, it is important to take an Arginine supplement.

Arginine plays a fundamental role for protein synthesis, used by the body to increase muscle mass and rebuild damaged tissues after particularly intense training. For this reason it is considered the first choice for athletes looking for a supplement that quickly reactivates muscles.

The properties of Arginine

Arginine is able to bring enormous benefits to the body ranging from the health of the cardiovascular system to the increase in muscle mass, it is extremely useful for treating serious wounds and burns and is also used to increase male fertility.

For athletes the Arginine supplement is really useful thanks to its many properties:

  • helps improve performance in very intense training sessions;
  • regulates the normal production of urea which is produced when the body breaks down proteins and helps remove excess nitrogen in the body (very high in athletes);
  • synthesizes nitric oxide, a fundamental element with vasodilatory power that promotes circulation and the supply of nutrients to muscle cells. The blood vessels, by dilating, absorb more nutrients and this leads to the famous “pump effect”, i.e. a slight enlargement of the muscles which produces a pleasant motivational sensation in athletes, accompanied by an improvement in sports performance;
  • helps the body produce creatine useful for muscle growth, increasing power, increasing neuromuscular function, increasing resistance and reducing the sense of fatigue;
  • stimulates the release of the growth hormone HGH, responsible for all growth processes, including muscle growth.

Why choose Arginine supplement

Arginine is found naturally in various foods with a high protein content such as, for example, meat, fish, dried fruit, eggs and cheese. An unbalanced diet, but also excessive fatigue due to psychophysical stress, can lead to an Arginine deficiency which manifests itself with fatigue, sleep changes and difficulty concentrating.

When diet alone cannot guarantee the right intake of Arginine, food supplements become the simplest solution. In tablets, capsules, vials or in addition to drinks, gums and gels, the Arginine supplement is used on a daily basis with dosages of 3 to 20 grams per day in multiple intakes; and especially in the sports field where the recommended dose is 3 grams in the pre-workout integration phase.

In case of uncontrolled increase in doses, side effects such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, hypertension and headache may occur. Taking Arginine supplement is contraindicated in case of hepatic or renal insufficiency, in case of allergy to the active ingredient, during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Respond to tiredness with Sprintade products® 

The Sprintade® line was created to guarantee all athletes the maximum speed of assimilation of the nutritional principles useful for achieving the goals they have set for themselves, in training and in competitions. Every product it is designed to be easy to transport and use in any context.

Sprintade® Energy Gum Plus, for example, guarantees the energy of Sprintade® even when the athlete cannot take liquids with him. An innovative, young and fresh format that can be consumed in training, in competition or on a daily basis, in the car or at the office, avoiding yet another coffee.

Thanks to a studied blend of plant extracts, this special chewing gum allows you to respond to fatigue. In addition, the presence of Arginine and Coenzyme Q10, which help cellular oxygenation during physical activity, improve vasodilation and endurance

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