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(2021) Return to racing: Sprintade is with those who hold on

It’s not just marketing

It’s not just marketing. When we thought about what values could link our brand to sport, we immediately thought of freedom and self-determination. For this reason we have stayed far away from the rather ambiguous (let’s also say pyramidal) “distribution methods” that characterize the work of many competitors. Rather, we launched a campaign that described the value of the product, allowing athletes to try it. Honestly and without false promises.

Whether the choices of those who govern are right or wrong, there is no doubt that the values we are talking about have been put in crisis by the current situation. Mind you, it is not an error on the part of the writer: it is not just sport that is being harassed, but the very values on which it is based are being questioned. Those who suffer are especially the younger ones who find an educational path and personality building in sport.

Without a generation of cadets, juniors and emerging people in general, in a few years we will suffer the probable collapse of average performances. The example is already before our eyes: a general disinvestment from sport has led to a reduction in average performance in athletics (road and track running) in Italy after decades of constant growth. Even in widely followed sports such as football, value has been lost. Kept away from competitions, gyms and sports centers, young people will not be able to train and improve. Above all, they will not be able to become attached to the discipline, by virtue of something else.

It’s not like last year

The desire to compete – let’s say it without taboos, even for aggregation – is great in the eyes of anyone you meet while training on a country road or in a park. The effort of the organisers, federations and local authorities is immense in making possible events that are at the same time contained, but challenging for the participants; safe, but enjoyable for sports lovers. However, we cannot limit ourselves to a rhetorical praise of those who allow us to “restart safely”.

It is necessary to draw attention to the need to make sport always possible and unifying again. It is necessary to demand investments from the State and an effort from private individuals. Because without the present, there is no future. Especially in sports.

Roma Sprint Festival

Among those who wanted to give a showcase to athletics for the restart is the Rome Sprint Festival, sponsored by F.I.D.A.L., of which Sprintade® is a proud sponsor. An event that sees its courageous birth in 2021. In the splendid setting of the Stadio dei Marmi in Rome, the dedicated stadium dedicated to the great Pietro Mennea – who moved us – the event was a great athletics celebration in the most difficult for sport to remember. Elite, Junior and Cadet athletes in the 100 and 150 meter hurdles, 110 and 400 meter hurdles categories will compete. We believe that the task of all parties involved at a time like this is also to materially support the possibility of playing sport.

National Paraduathlon and Duathlon – San Benedetto del Tronto

Sprintade® is also this year alongside the Adriatic Series which starts with the F.I.TRI national sprint duathlon championships. of San Benedetto del Tronto. Excellent participation, which also saw paraduathlon athletes competing with a courageous performance by  Pier Alberto Buccoliero (1st place), Loris Capanna (2nd) and Francesco De Maio (3rd). For the men’s Duathlon we witnessed the success of Gregory Barnaby (0:49:32); to the almost disputed success of Luisa Iogna-Prat (0:56:14) and Sharon Spimi (0:56:23).

We can’t wait to meet the athletes and organizers again for the Porto Recanati Olympic triathlon scheduled for May 2nd.

Let’s keep running!

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